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  • Noel Dolotallas

SwitchGrade update

Pfewf, where to start?

First off it's been absolutely bonkers since news of the SwitchGrade broke on Pinkbike last month. A sincere thanks to you guys for supporting us and our startup. We're just incredibly moved by the amount of positivity and encouragement - has been overwhelming, heartwarming, and most of all tremendously humbling. As a long-time latent (haha) inventor, I've amassed a gigantic list of ideas - believe it or not the SwitchGrade isn't the most radical - and while you have some inkling a crazy idea could work, you don't really know how it'll take until you put it out there. Well, this is the first of those 'out there' moments and I couldn't be happier to share it with you.

Here's what we've been cooking since the article broke:

- launched survey to capture information to help refine design and assist with distribution and fulfillment plans. Don't forget to complete it before February 15th for a chance to win a FREE SWITCHGRADE!

- continued refining base assembly to expand seatpost compatibility, introducing unique scallops to accommodate a wide-range of post head length and bolt angle configurations

- shaved mm's off the height to again, broaden compatibility but emphasizing on saddle undercarriage space constraints

- 3D printed the latest version for tactile study of form and fitment

Still lots to be done but we're still pretty bullish about getting this out there soon so stay tuned!

If you're on Instagram, be sure to follow along where I'll post additional pics.

Cheers from your friends at Aenomaly Constructs


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