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Save energy climbing then crush descents\

Introducing the SwitchGradeTM -saddle angle adjuster for on-the-fly seat position control.

Tilts forward for increased support to climb with greater power, efficiency, and comfort. Then tilt back for more clearance and control when descending.


  • Change effective seat tube angle

  • Adjust fore/aft position on demand

  • >40mm additional vertical movement

  • Compatible with a wide range of market-leading seatposts

stop back pain

Ride upright with a straight back to eliminate back pain.

Eliminate groin Pain & discomfort

Reduce pressure on perineum to stop numbing, chafing, and pain in the nether regions.

increase Power & traction

Keep the front wheel weighted on climbs, combat suspension sag, and drive power to rear wheel. 

save energy for the fun stuff

Climb efficiently and reduce fatigue on arms, legs, and core muscles. Ride down with increased energy and vigor.

Descend Safely and steezy

Increase standover, saddle clearance and control. Eliminate garment snags.

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SwitchGrade 3 position rendering.jpg






SwitchGrade 3 position rendering.jpg



Tilt the saddle nose down to create a level platform to counter steep grades and offset ever-slackening seat tube angles caused by suspension sag.


Instantly improve traction, keep the front wheel weighted, and spin up in comfort.

SwitchGrade 3 position rendering.jpg
SwitchGrade 3 position rendering.jpg


With Confidence


with Style



Pivot the saddle nose up like pro downhillers and enduro racers for added control and more room to maneuver your bike underneath you.


Steer with added precision through berms, in the air, and down gnarly lines.

SwitchGrade 3 position rendering.jpg
SwitchGrade 3 position rendering.jpg


all day

No Pain



Keep the saddle level for rolling terrain and be ready for anything. Say goodbye to numbness and pain.


Change saddle tilt on-the-fly: up for the steeps, down for the climbs, level for good times.

"After spending a few long days in the saddle with SwitchGrade installed, I can definitely say that the benefits are noticeable. From a biomechanics perspective, the forward tilted position definitely creates a more anteriorly rotated pelvis in the seated position. That's anatomy speak for better lower back posture, and better power transfer during seated, steep climbs. From a shredding perspective, the rearward tilt gives you a noticeably increased standover height over your dropped saddle for full send, downhill procedures. I can't wait to get more time on the bike with SwitchGrade aboard."

- Dr. Josh Harris DPT, Dip Osteopractic, MTBer

“I’ve been riding the SwitchGrade for couple weeks now, and I simply love it. Having the ability to get a proper seat positions for climbing and descending is a game changer, it’s a product I’ll use all the time on all my bikes 🤘”

- Yoann Barelli, Professional Freerider, Barelli Concepts and Into the Gnar Progression Team

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Descending with SwitchGrade.jpg
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